• Raining and Windy in Reno!

    We’ve been in Reno at the Nugget Rib Cook-off since Wednesday. The first two days were spent trying to cool everyone with fans over buckets of water. The third day,… Read more

  • Our Time in Eugene

    We spent 6 days in Eugene, OR at the Lane County Fair. We were the first guests in the cutest, most relaxing AirBnB place we have ever stayed at. Abra… Read more

  • Have you looked at our calendar??

    We are just about to get started on this crazy adventure! This Saturday marks our first of way too many to keep track of. We are so excited to be… Read more

  • Let The Adventures Begin

    This weekend officially starts our “Summer Season” of travels and shows.  If you haven’t checked our “On The Road” page out lately, you will be shocked at the adventures we… Read more

  • Elementor #2677

    Ever-watchful River was doing what she does best. “Baby River” spent the better part of the weekend of the Central Oregon show just watching. She is a lady of few… Read more

  • What a fun time in Medford!

    We made it through some pretty sketchy weather to get to Medford. But, everyone made it safely and the weather certainly wasn’t bad when we got there. It’s so fun… Read more

  • A Little Break At Home

    Velcro Dogs Kiya and River While Dave is hard at work in the shop, the girls are always close by to help me with the office work.  The traveling has… Read more

  • Adventures in Portland

    Oh the places we will go! Oh the people we will meet! Oh the adventures we can have! We have truly enjoyed our time in Portland. We are not naive… Read more

  • Portland Show

    Come to the Sportsmens’ Show at the Portland Expo Center! We are actually raffling off the Bullet Casing Flag!  Tickets are $1/each or $5/6. The drawing will be held on… Read more

  • Happy Customer Review!

    Thank you for your comment! It always makes us happy to read our customer reviews and we’re thrilled when the family dogs are happy too! Check out our kennels! Read more