What a fun time in Medford!

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We made it through some pretty sketchy weather to get to Medford. But, everyone made it safely and the weather certainly wasn’t bad when we got there.

It’s so fun seeing the same people, week after week. It truly turns into a family. We have created some very nice relationships in the process and are getting some great tips for different ideas and different places to go.

It is quite possible our show calendar will be growing and our pindrops on our map will be stacking up.

The trip with the girls was very good. It has been hard leaving them behind for so many days at a time.

They stayed in their kennels at our booth and came out to greet different people and returned. They also made some good friends who brought them yummy treats – every! single! day!

Just two more weeks and we can slow down for a little bit.

There are lots of things at home that are patiently awaiting our return. We will definitely be ready to kick our feet up for a little while and catch up on the homefront.

Thursday, we will be headed back out and a much further trip this time. We are heading “over the border” to California. After a few days there, we will be unpacking our suitcases and gearing up for the Central Oregon show.

If you haven’t been able to catch us on the run, we will be so glad to see you at home. If you have been following us around, please let us know when you get to Redmond and we’d love to show you some of our favorite places to go when we are home. 

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