Customized Kennels

We Build to Suit Your Style

Modern Kennel Designs

Gone are the days of ugly plastic kennels! Our custom designed handcrafted kennels offer elegance and charm to any home!

People and pets love our kennels! You’ve come to the right place if you want to upgrade your pet’s kennel experience. We will work with you to make the perfect kennel for your pet. Simply review the options below, check out some of the kennels we’ve created and give us a call at 503-504-9960 and we will get started on your order. 



Choose the perfect size for your pet

Size: 30″W x 30″D x 24″H

SMALL   $700
Size: 48″W x 30″D x 26″H

MEDIUM  $850
Size: 60″W x 30″D x 28″H

LARGE  $1000
Size: 72″W x 30″D x 30″H

Size: 84″W x 30″D x 35″H

With critter kennels it’s all about customization. 

Customization Items Our products are made to your specifications with several options. We will work with your decor and preferences to make sure the product you have is exactly what you dreamed of.

EXTRA DOOR – $150 Standard model kennels come with one hinged door with latch.

DIVIDER – $150 These are best used to offer each of your fur babies their own space. Easy transition to open kennel to full size, if they need just a bit more space to stretch or for cleaning purposes.  

HINGED DIVIDER – $25 This option allows divider to be “stored” out of sight. This charge is in addition to the divider.

TRIM- $100 Additional trim around edges.

BARN DOORS – $350 Double sliding, side-by-side barn doors with hardware, rather than the standard single hinged door.

1 DRAWER – $200
Adding the additional drawers will increase the total height of the kennel by 6″.

Drawer dimensions: 4″ Tall x 20″ Wide x 20″ Deep Choice of barn doors on kennel will only leave enough room for one drawer.

2 DRAWERS – $350
If even more space is needed, two drawers can be added to area above pet area.

Adding the additional drawers will increase the total height of the kennel by 6″.

Final considerations

We use Minwax stains for most of our products, unless the customer chooses something different. Please visit the Minwax website to choose the color stain to match your needs.

PAINT – $100
To add paint to any kennel, an additional fee is charged to cover price of paint and time to paint vs stain.

To add component shelving to your creation, it will increase the height of the kennel 6″ or decrease the interior of the kennel 6″.

Depending on size of kennel, additional sections can be added for nominal fee.